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  1. the recovery of all persons shall be promoted and assisted by providing the highest quality of care. 
  2. An objective, professional relationship shall be maintained at all times with all current clients, and their families, or significant others. A strict policy of non-discrimination because of race, color, religion, age, gender, national ancestry, sexual orientation, or economic status shall be adhered to.
  3. The basic human rights of the client shall be respected, including the clients’ right to make their own decisions and to participate in any plans made in their interest.
  4. When it is in the clients’ best interest to refer or to release them to another programme, such referral or transfer shall be effected expeditiously.
  5. The legal requirements for confidentiality of all records, materials, and communications regarding clients, their families, and significant others, shall be followed.  In the absence of such laws, the client shall be informed of situations that require information that identifies the client as a drug abuser to be passed to entities outside the programme.
  6. Continuing education and training for professional growth shall be maintained.
  7. Respect for the rights and views of colleagues and members of other professions and other programs shall be demonstrated. 
  8. The certified individual shall give precedence to professional responsibility over personal interests.

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